Nacon has announced Terminator Survival Project during the latest Nacon Connect 2022 event, with a teaser trailer showing a T-800 searching for an unknown human. There have been a number of Terminator video games released over the years, as it’s one of the ’80s action movie franchises that best fit the video game format, thanks to its unstoppable robotic antagonists.

Games like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th the Game helped create a genre where groups of weak survivor characters must survive against another player, who takes on the form of a powerful killer or monster. This kind of format would be ideal for the Terminator franchise, with the first two movies in the series focusing on humans trying desperately to survive against killer robots that can take them apart. The Terminator movies have also introduced a number of different variants for the machines, allowing for a roster of different enemies, outside of the ones seen in the first two movies.

There is a new Terminator video game on the way, though it’s still in the early stages of development. Nacon revealed a teaser trailer for a game currently called Terminator Survival Project during the Nacon Connect 2022 event. There is currently no gameplay footage, nor word regarding platforms other than PC, or even a loose release window. The trailer can be seen on the official Nacon YouTube channel.

The teaser trailer for Terminator Survival Project shows a T-800 ripping open the door of a building and scanning the interior. The official Nacon Twitter account has confirmed that Terminator Survival Project is an open-world survival game that uses a post-apocalyptic setting, which was already hinted at by the dark skies in the trailer. The game is being developed by Nacon Studio Milan and it will be the first Terminator survival video game, with the last remaining humans trying to avoid their robotic predators.

It’s exciting to see another Terminator game in development, as the last one was 2019’s Terminator: Resistance. This isn’t to say that characters from the Terminator movies haven’t appeared in other games, as they often have playable iterations in games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Fortnite, but these are cameo and crossover roles. The Terminator movies might not be as interesting as they used to be, but the setting is ripe for use in the video game format, and an open-world survival game about surviving against the machines like Terminator Survival Project sounds like the perfect fit, in the same way Alien: Isolation was for the Alien franchise.

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