Keanu Reeves once again proves he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood after he makes a young fan’s day at the airport. While these days Reeves is best known for his role in the John Wick franchise, where he plays one of the world’s deadliest assassins, the actor’s career dates back to the mid-1980s. Reeves starred in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in 1989, but it wasn’t until 1991’s Point Break that his career really took off, with the star soon after appearing in Speed and then The Matrix in 1999.

Although many stars who are known for action movie typically slow down as they enter their 50s, Reeves has, if anything, sped up. 2014’s John Wick spawned a highly successful franchise and propelled Reeves back to a new level of stardom, with many dubbing the era the “Keanussance.” The success of the John Wick franchise, not to mention the debut of last year’s The Matrix Resurrections, have seen Reeves frequently making headlines for his off-screen persona, which is often described as unfailingly kind. For example, the actor recently gifted a $10,000 Rolex watch to each member of the John Wick 4 stunt team.

As documented in a string of tweets from TV producer Andrew Kimmel, Reeves was waiting at baggage claim when he was approached by a young fan. The fan proceeded to ask an array of questions and, as Kimmel writes, Reeves stayed and answered every single one before then asking the fan some questions of his own. After the incident went viral, the young fan, now identified as 14-year-old Alex Katsanos, spoke with ET about the encounter. He explained that, once he was sure it was Reeves, he got a pen from a flight attendant and a scrap of paper bag before approaching the star for his autograph. Check out the original tweet thread and Katsanos’ reaction to the moment going viral:

Alex Katsanos: “It was really a natural conversation. He was very nice and we had a great conversation for around 10 minutes while we were waiting for our luggage. I still can’t believe I not only got the chance to see him but to have a conversation with him and get his autograph. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and it was incredible.

“When I first approached him, I was just planning on getting a picture and an autograph if I was lucky, but I am so glad that I ended up having this interaction with him.”

“I am still stunned that I had the chance to meet such a famous celebrity and get to have a normal conversation with someone as famous as that. I am really shocked this went so viral and I am so amazed that so many people are fascinated by the interaction I had with Keanu Reeves.”

Despite the lethality and ruthlessness of his titular John Wick assassin, all stories point to Reeves being the exact opposite in real life, and a pleasure to be around. While some celebrities make headlines for awkward interviews or mean fan encounters, Reeves is only ever described by fans as an absolute gentleman. Reeves’ designation as “the nicest guy in Hollywood” isn’t anything new, either, with Speed co-star Sandra Bullock previously detailing the surprise gift of champagne and truffles that he got her after she made an offhand comment about never having tried either.

Although not everyone will be lucky enough to run into Reeves while waiting at baggage claim, fans of the actor can see him next in DC League of Super-Pets, in which he voices Batman. In addition to John Wick  4, the actor is also slated to appear in the upcoming novel adaptation, The Devil in the White City, as well as John Wick 5; both are currently in pre-production. As filming on those two projects get underway, it’s likely that even more fans (and fellow actors) will have ample opportunity to experience a signature Keanu Reeves moment of kindness for themselves.

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