A new character design for Hazbin Hotel reveals Hell’s favorite bartender, Husk. Hazbin Hotel is an adult animated series that began as a YouTube pilot, released on October 28, 2019. Made entirely by freelance animators and funded by Patreon backers, the pilot gained a massive fanbase, and the episode currently has over 76 million views. Hazbin Hotel was picked up by production company A24 on August 7, 2020, and is due to be released as a long-form TV series.

Hazbin Hotel follows Charlie, a demon and daughter of Lucifer, as she opens the Happy Hotel to try and rehabilitate the sinners of Hell to quell overpopulation. After A24 picked up the project, the company gradually made several changes from Hazbin Hotel’s original pilot, which was created by Vivienne Medrano (also known as VivziePop). In December of 2021, reports noted that several of the pilot’s original voice actors would not return for the A24 series, though they all continue to support the show. Over the past several months, redesigns of major Hazbin characters have been revealed on Twitter, including Charlie, her girlfriend Vaggie, the radio demon Alastor, and adult film star Angel Dust.

A post on Twitter from the official Hazbin Hotel account debuted the new redesign of Husk, the Happy Hotel’s begrudging bartender. Like the other redesigned characters, Husk’s new look doesn’t change significantly from his appearance in the pilot, with the largest changes coming from the show’s new animation style. Looking as vaguely bemused as Husk always does, the newly released image shows him behind the hotel’s bar with a drink in his hand. Check out the post below:

While the animation for the original Hazbin Hotel pilot was already incredibly high-quality, the character redesigns for the A24 series all appear to be a little more bold and streamlined. With A24 known for its distinct aesthetic film style, particularly in the horror genre, it’s no wonder the style would change slightly between the original pilot and the upcoming series. While A24 has had its hand in several TV series, including season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria and Apple TV+’s Mr. CormanHazbin Hotel represents the studio’s first foray into animated TV.

Since its 2019 release, Hazbin Hotel has been incredibly controversial due to the pilot’s outright crudeness – and, with the independent series attained by the well-known studio, many fans wondered how being a mainstream television series would impact the show’s original tone. However, if the character redesigns are anything to go by, it seems that A24 isn’t overhauling the series all that much, and Medrano has assured fans that “the indie spirit of the pilot lives on.” Though there is no release date for the series yet, Hazbin Hotel fans can be assured that much more content is still to come.

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